Asafoetida Powder!!

Asafoetida powder is a crucial ingredient in Indian vegetarian cooking. Also known in India as Hing in Hindi and Perungaayam in Tamil. Derived from a species of giant fennel, asafoetida has a unique smell and flavor. As a strong tasting herb, a small amount of asafoetida goes a long way. Therefore, large quantities are not needed for most recipes. Typically, the herb can be purchased for as little as 5 US Dollars (USD) for a small jar. Asafoetida cannot be eaten raw. Eating raw asafoetida root can cause severe diarreah and vomiting. This spice is used as a digestive aid, in food as a condiment and in pickles. Its odor is so strong that it must be stored in airtight containers

In our family, my patti used to make a spicy buttermilk everyday, in which she uses this asafoetida powder which helps for digestion.


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Jennifer said...

I am seeing all the posts in this blog. Amazing blog!
I love to use asafoetida powder it's such a useful spice. I don't see much use in North Indian food as South Indian.. maybe not enough exposure.
I wrote about this spice on my blog too.. see in your free time Thanks

Maggie said...

You have a great informative site! I've heard about asafoetida but have never used it.