Coconut/Thengai (in Tamil)/ Nariyal (hindi) is a member of Palm family. It is another important ingredient we use in our daily cooking.  In India, Kerala state is very famous for coconut trees and they use coconut in almost all of the recipes they cook. Coconut oil is also good for hair. It acts as a conditioner especially for dry thick & curly hair people. It reduces the formation of dandruff in our scalp.  Also coconut water is known as Ilaneer (Tamil) / Nariyal ka pani (Hindi) act as a cooling agent to our body. During summer season, its always good to take tender coconut water everyday to avoid getting heat diseases. Shredded coconut is used in all sorts of recipes like dry curry, sambar, gravy and also for making desserts like payasam. People try to take milk from coconut and coconut milk is also commonly used for making desserts and for few gravies.  Cocnut tree is also very useful in many ways. The dry husk of the coconut tree is used washing dishes Dry sticks from the coconut tree is used for making broom sticks. Coir is used for making bags, sacks etc

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