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Ginger - Inji (Tamil), Adrak (Hindi) is another ingredient we use in our cuisine.It also acts as medicine in many ways. Fresh ginger is used for cooking along with lentils/dhalls and for creating spiciness in some side dishes. Vegetables like potato, Plantain etc usually creates gas when we consume it very often. In order to reduce it, ginger is used along with potato, plantain. Dry ginger which is called as Chukku (Tamil) is also used to make lots of dishes like desserts, cookies etc. Also ginger is used to make masala tea.

During our stay in India last year, I came to know that there are two types of ginger people use in India. One is Chai wali Adrak (Ginger used for making tea) and Sabji wali adrak (ginger used to make side dishes).


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